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We are a family owned business and pride ourselves on offering quality workmanship. We service all makes and models of garage door openers, and we are licensed and insured. We service all areas in the state of Michigan.

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We also do custom work, and if you have a specific design in mind, we can build it. We repair all types of garage door openers, and we specialize in garage door openers that have been in an accident. At Maple Garage Door Repair Of Ann Arbor we also offer custom designs for your garage door opener.

Openers Working Well Garage door opener repair is something that most of the people don’t think about at the time of buying their garage doors. But it is necessary to have a garage door opener repaired if you are facing any issues or your garage door is not working properly.

Garage door openers are a kind of device that is used in a garage or a car that has the capacity to open and close the garage door by using remote control. Most of the garage door openers are equipped with a battery, sensors, and an electric motor.

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Here Are The 4 Simple Ways To Keep Your Garage Door Opener Working Well

1. Change the batteries This is the first thing that you should do when your garage door opener stops working. If you use it every day then it’s necessary to change the batteries at least once in a week. Don’t forget to check the manual for the right way to change the batteries.

2. Check the sensors If your garage door opener doesn’t open or close then it means that one of the sensors might be broken. You can test this by removing the sensors and replace them, but if it doesn’t work then it’s better to get it replaced.

3. Clean the garage door opener When you don’t use the garage door opener for a long time, dirt and dust will collect inside the garage door opener. So, it’s necessary to clean it on a regular basis. You should use a cleaning brush to clean all the sensors and the motor.

4. Use the remote control In case your garage door opener is not working then you need to use the remote control. It will help you to open and close the garage door easily. So, in case your garage door opener doesn’t work, then you must use the remote control. If you are facing any issues with your garage door opener then call us now. We will fix the issue on the spot and it will also save your money.

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If your garage door opener is broken, we can fix it. We offer a variety of garage door openers that are perfect for your home. Whether you need a new garage door opener or just want to repair the one that you have, we’re here to help. We’ll take care of any problems with your garage door opener right away. We’ll make sure that.

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