Fuller Park, Ann Arbor, MI

Welcome to Fuller Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan! This great gem in the heart of downtown is one of the region’s general parks and a true “must-see.” It’s full of fantastic opportunities and beautiful scenery to explore. Here, you’ll find features to keep the whole family occupied, ensure everyone has ample time to soak in the park’s natural beauty, and it’s conveniently close to shopping and dining options, adding a touch of luxury to your adventure. The park’s expansive grounds showcase vibrant colors and fresh grasses, lending a peaceful feeling to your day at Fuller Park. Its 160 acres feature lush woods, rolling hills, and a pond area. Take a stroll through its areas of trails, and be sure to mark out the many species of flora and fauna in the park. If you’re feeling more adventurous, sign up for one of the guided nature hikes. Information can be found here.

Once the sun is out and it’s the perfect temperature for an afternoon in the park, there’s a variety of activities for you to enjoy. Fuller Park has two playgrounds with fun slides and toys, as well as large swaths of green space for kids to run free and play games. You can also bring your own bike and take a spin on the nearby trails or even try your hand (or feet) at inline skating. And don’t forget to leave space for a family picnic on the grass – make sure you spread out a picnic blanket and relax in the sunshine. Throughout the summer, Fuller Park holds a variety of fun events that draw in both locals and visitors. Concerts, movies in the park, educational programs, and art shows are frequent occurrences in the warmer months. Furthermore, special events are held throughout the year, such as holiday night hikes and the annual Art Fair. See here for information about University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, Ann Arbor, MI.

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