University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, Ann Arbor, MI

The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History in Ann Arbor is a fun and beautiful place full of exciting things to do. Located on the main campus of the university, the museum features an array of permanent exhibits and visiting exhibitions. Not only does it provide unique and educational experiences, but it also has a lot to offer to people of all ages. Here’s why you should visit this great museum and some of the fun things you can do when you’re there. The museum is home to a variety of permanent exhibits, providing some unique opportunities for learning. There is the Great Lakes Room, which showcases the biology and geology of the Great Lakes region. The Hall of Evolution explores the history of the earth and its inhabitants, while the Field Station Outpost exhibits the human and natural history of Michigan in a hands-on way. The Museum Store offers a wide selection of items such as books, toys, and artwork related to the themes of the exhibits. Learn information about Ann Arbor, MI.

At the museum, you can also explore the visiting exhibitions. These events span various topics and feature renowned scientists who provide engaging lectures and programs throughout the year. From dinosaur fossils to gemstones and meteorites, there is always something new to learn at the museum. The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History also offers a variety of activities for people of all ages. Families with young children can take a virtual tour of the museum, explore the outdoor gardens, or participate in fun and educational programs. Adults can attend the weekend lectures, explore the Planetarium shows, or attend events featuring renowned scientists. For those looking for an exciting night out, the museum hosts special evenings with live music and dancing. Discover facts about Pinball Pete’s, Ann Arbor, MI.

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