The Amazing Adventures: South Maple Park in Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor, MI, is a beautiful place to live and visit. Thanks to its numerous attractions, diverse culture, and prestigious academic institutions, it’s a popular destination. But one of the most beloved is South Maple Park. Located just south of downtown and the University of Michigan campus, South Maple Park is a particular spot for residents and those from out of town. Learn more here.

South Maple Park has something for everyone to enjoy, from its spacious lawns to its picturesque lake to its wide variety of recreational activities. Spanning nearly 70 acres, the park is home to numerous amenities, including five baseball fields, six soccer fields, seven tennis courts, a fitness trail, various playgrounds, a sprayground, a disc golf course, and more. Additionally, there’s a community center with its gym, auditorium, community kitchen, and plenty of other smaller nature trails and activities. Learn more about Find Peace and Natural Beauty at Burr Oak Park in Ann Arbor.

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The lake is one of the most popular attractions of South Maple Park. Folks can rent paddle boats, canoes, and kayaks at the lake or simply admire the view as they stroll along the shore. The lake has also served as a nesting ground for geese, ducks, and other wildlife.

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