Graffiti Alley, Ann Arbor, MI

Welcome to Graffiti Alley, Ann Arbor, MI! This exciting destination is one of the coolest things to experience in the area and is definitely worth the visit. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of street art or the occasional visitor just looking for something different to do, Graffiti Alley has a lot to offer. Located in the heart of Ann Arbor, Graffiti Alley stretches down East Liberty Street and across its many alleyways, bringing a bit of color and personality to this otherwise mundane part of town. The walls are often transformed by local and visiting street artists, giving a fresh and dynamic look every time. Whether you’re looking for something bold and colorful, or something more traditional and sophisticated, you’re sure to find something that speaks to your tastes. And if you need some creative inspiration, the large-scale murals can be a great starting point for your own work. Learn information about Ann Arbor, MI.

Graffiti Alley is more than just great art, however. There are also plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants to explore along the way. Check out some of the city’s most popular places for lunch, dinner, and a few drinks. Or, if you’re looking to stay a bit longer, look no further than the Airbnb in the area—Graffiti Alley is one of the best places to stay when visiting Ann Arbor. Then, when the nightlife starts to pick up, Graffiti Alley starts to come alive. Street performers and DJs can often be found playing their music in front of the murals, and a rotating selection of street food vendors provides an array of delicious eats. From funky fusion cuisine to classic local spots, you’re sure to find something to love. And, of course, don’t forget to check out the street artists selling their work, too—it’s always great to find a piece you can take home with you from your visit. Discover facts about The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI.

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