Exploring Nature, Science, and the Arts: A Visit to Ann Arbor’s Hands-On Museum and Leslie Science & Nature Center

The city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, is home to a number of educational and cultural attractions, including the esteemed University of Michigan and the downtown arts district. Additionally, Ann Arbor has a wealth of attractions for families and children to explore, including the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum and the Leslie Science & Nature Center. Both of these unique venues provide a unique opportunity to experience the wonders of nature, science, and the arts in an engaging and interactive way. The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum is a 130,000-square-foot interactive museum for children and families in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It features over 250 hands-on exhibits which encourage visitors to explore science and technology, the environment and natural resources, and the arts and culture. With four floors full of interactive exhibits, adults and children alike are bound to find something to enjoy. Learn more here.

On the main level of the museum, adults can find displays and collections that explore topics such as quantum mechanics, aerodynamics, and sound engineering. Meanwhile, children will delight in the many interactive exhibits and activities, such as coding a robot, exploring the chemistry shower and liquid nitrogen mist, and discovering the different ways musical instruments can create sound. Additionally, the museum holds a number of special events on a regular basis, such as science and engineering challenges, live performances, and educational talks. The museum also offers a variety of educational workshops and classes, including robotics, coding and programming, and engineering. These classes are offered at a nominal fee and are suitable for novice to advanced learners. There is also a packed calendar of special events each month, such as Maker’s Faire, and special performances and programs, offering something for everyone. Learn more about Graffiti Alley – The Heart of Downtown Ann Arbor.

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